Amazon Bose Week

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Amazon Bose Week

• 2nd December: Every 1 our of 2 customers get Rs. 2000 Cashback
• 3rd December: Top 2 spenders Rs. 10000 Cashback, next 3 spenders Rs. 7000 Cashback, next 5 spenders Rs. 4000 Cashback, next 10 spenders Rs. 3000 Cashback
• 4th December: Rs. 2000 Cashback on SoundSport Wireless and SoundSport Pulse, Rs. 1000 Cashback on SoundLink Micro
• 5th December: Rs. 3500 Cashback on Companion 50, Rs. 1000 Cashback on Companion 2 III, Rs. 4500 Cashback on Wave SoundTrouch IV, Rs. 2200 Cashback on Rs. Solo 5
• 6th December: Rs. 6000 Cashback on S1 Pro, 10% off + Rs. 1000 Cashback on SoundLink Wireless

Amazon: Bose Week

Amazon Bose Week


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